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Yarn Systems: the Right Fibre for the Right Application

Carpet tile technology
The most important technology behind the carpet tile is 'behind' the carpet tile: i.e. the backing and the cutting. The backing is not a direct visible feature when the carpet tiles are installed, but nevertheless of utmost importance. The quality of the backing and the cutting are strongly influencing the dimensional stability and the quality of the joints. As such the backing system, its components and the cutting method are important determinants in the overall performance.

Fibre technology
The top layer of carpet, the top cloth is the other important part of the equation. The choice of fibre determines not only the aesthetics or the so called ‘look and feel’, but also has great impact on the functional performance of the carpet tile. Wear performance and appearance retention, i.e. how well a carpet keeps its original good looks, are primarily dependent on the quality and type of fibre used and the method of construction. Furthermore, ease of maintenance,  static control, noise control, flammability, colour and light-fastness and safety & health issues continuously guide our choice for the right fibre and carpet construction. The top layers of PVH carpet tiles are made in co-operation with world leading suppliers of fibres and the latest tufting technologies are employed. The combined strength and quality of all partners in the supply chain enables us to provide our CREATIVE SOLUTIONS, SUPERIOR VALUE.

Excellent, 680 gr PA Dupont Anton Excel tufted loop pile, 14 colours
Ivory, 565 gr PA Dupont Antron Excel tufted loop pile, 12 colours
Concord, 900 gr PA DuPont Antron Supra tufted Saxony cut pile, 16 colours
Jaguar, 1200 gr PA DuPont Antron Supra tufted graphic cut pile, 12 colours
Panther, 1150 gr PA DuPont Antron Supra tufted graphic cut pile, 16 colours
Prelude, 1000 gr PA DuPont Antron Supra tufted Saxony cut pile, 16 colours
Star, 1175 gr PA DuPont Antron tufted Saxony crossover cut pile, 14 colours

Tipo, 450 g PP Aqualys tufted loop pile, 12 colours

Bonanza, 660 g PA BASF tufted loop pile, 16 colours

Mistral, 680 g PP Meraklon tufted crossover loop pile, 13 colours
Leopard, 590 g PP Meraklon tufted loop pile, 16 colours

Laguna, 575 g PA Novalis tufted loop pile, 16 colours

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