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Product range - PVH Carpet Tiles and Nature Look Woven Vinyl

Our range of contract carpet tiles consists of some 25 different qualities or styles. All products in all colour ways can be viewed on this website. For quick orientation we divide our carpet tile offerings into three basic product groups based on fibre construction:

 Nylon or Polyamide (PA) carpet tiles
 Polypropylene or PP carpet tiles
 Needlefelt of fibre bonded carpet tiles
 In contract woven vinyl we also offer the unique Nature Look series

Nylon (PA-Polyamide) carpet tiles
Nylon or Polyamide carpet tiles are extremely durable tiles for application in medium to highly trafficked commercial areas and are available in various yarn constructions like straight loop, multi-level loop and cut piles. View all nylon carpet tiles. You can also select all nylon loop pile carpet tiles or all nylon cut pile carpet tiles.

Polypropylene (PP) carpet tiles
Polypropylene (PP) carpet tiles have a favourable price point and are designed for application in low to medium trafficked areas. View PP carpet tiles.

Needlefelt or fibre bonded carpet tiles
Needlefelt carpet tiles are high wear and dirt resistant carpet tiles. Designed for entry areas, schools, trade fairs and shopping areas. View needlefelt carpet tiles.

Nature Look - woven vinyl tiles and sheets for the contract market
NATURE LOOK woven vinyl floor covering is an attractive, practical solution to your flooring problems. It is very durable, easy to maintain and fire resistant. NATURE LOOK woven vinyl is available in rolls and tiles and can also be applied as wall covering in rolls without backing. With its excellent anti-slip properties it is ideal for wet areas and humid conditions. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is suitable for areas subject to hard wear and tear, such as entrances, schools, kindergartens, restaurants, terraces, balconies, sport centres, recreation areas and shops. NATURE LOOK woven vinyl meets every aesthetic requirement and offers endless possibilities for creative distinguishing designs. View woven vinyl tiles and sheets.

Product search
If you look for a specific product or want to select products on the basis of colour, price point or application, use the SEARCH function to further assist you.

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