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PVH Carpet Tiles Maintenance Guidelines

Introduction to carpet tile maintenance
Your return on your investment in PVH carpet tiles can be significantly enhanced by executing proper maintenance. A carpet tile maintenance program keeps the appearance of the carpet tiles consistently good over a long period of time and the life span of the carpet tiles is extended as pile fibres are not damaged by accumulated soiling. A good maintenance plan covers four sections:
1. Pre-purchase maintenance considerations
2. Preventative maintenance
3. Regular or daily maintenance
4. Periodic maintenance

Pre-purchase carpet tile maintenance considerations
Contract carpet tiles are subject to heavy wear and extensive soiling over their lifetime. It is important to determine the extent of anticipated traffic and soiling before finalising your carpet tile selection. The choice of fibre, the construction of the carpet tile and the chosen design and colour are very important determinants in the future performance. Please carefully consider the technical specifications in relation to the performance you expect and require. General and simple rule of thumbs are that heavy traffic and heavy soiling expectations favour the choice for nylon carpet tiles and that darker colours are easier to maintain than lighter colours.

Preventative carpet tile maintenance
The most important preventative consideration is to take measures to minimise the amount of soil actually reaching the carpet. Dirt barrier matting is therefore important. The relatively low additional investment in adequate preventative measures prolongs the life of the carpet tiles significantly. We suggest to follow the 80-20 rule. Approximately 80% of the dirt comes through the entrances. In most cases, only 20% of all entrances generate 80% of the traffic. The very minimum prevention measure you should take, therefore, is to barrier mat all the of high traffic entrances. So with 20% protection you keep out approximately 65% of the soil. Keep in mind that prevention simply beats curing. You save substantial money, too!

Regular or daily carpet tile maintenance
No matter how well designed and constructed, PVH carpet tiles can only offer soil-hiding and soil-resistance features that minimises the visible effects of soiling and staining and facilitate removal and cleaning. Therefore, daily vacuum cleaning and immediate spot removal are strongly recommended for heavy trafficked areas. Lightly trafficked areas should be cleaned once or twice a week. Regular cleaning ensures that the carpet tiles perform conform expectation.  

Periodic corrective carpet tile maintenance
Depending on the traffic, a planned schedule of deep cleaning is recommended at least once a year. Various good carpet clean systems are on the market, ranging from dry powder cleaning, moist cover cleaning, shampooing and injection/extraction methods. Consult your local flooring contractor or cleaning specialist for professional advice. Damaged areas may be replaced with spare carpet tiles.

Disclaimer of liability
We expressively waive any liability pertaining to the above mentioned ideas, suggestions and recommendations for maintaining PVH Carpet Tiles. Maintenance methods and practices may vary from country to country. Please always consult your local flooring contractor. See also our Terms of Use.

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