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Why should I purchase carpet tiles when broadloom carpet is less expensive?
Carpet tiles have indeed a premium price over broadloom carpet, but consider the advantages: easier to stock and handle, less cutting waste, replaceable, liftable and more freedom for creative designs. Find out more about the benefits of PVH carpet tiles. [FAQs]

Does PVH supply other sizes than the standard 50 cm x 50 cm?
Yes we do. For instance 60 cm by 60 cm for raised floor systems or 1 m x 1m for exhibition areas. We can produce any size you require. [FAQs]

How should I clean PVH carpet tiles or Nature Look vinyl?
For details we refer to the section maintenance on this website. [FAQs]

Why have PVH carpet tiles a bitumen backing?
Bitumen backing is the dominant carpet tile technology in Europe with a market share exceeding 95%. PVH carpet tiles have a high quality bitumen backing which provide excellent dimensional stability and superior joints. In addition, bitumen offers superior recycling and flame properties compared to PVC backing. [FAQs]

What is the loading capacity of a 20-ft and 40-ft container?
Depending on the chosen product a 20-ft container loads between 3,000 and 4,000 m². Weight is the limiting factor with a 40-ft container which loads between 4,500 and 5,600 m². [FAQs]

What is the recommended installation method?
We recommend a checker board installation fashion, in which each tile is installed at a 90 degree angle from adjacent tiles. Some products can also be installing in a broadloom fashion, but joints are slightly more visible. Please see our installation guidelines. [FAQs]

What is shading?
Shading is a phenomenon mostly witnessed with cut pile qualities. During the manufacturing process or during stocking and transport the pile direction may become distorted. In some situations, depending on the angle of light, it looks like colour differences are in the carpet surface. This is, however, not the case. Due to different pile directions the reflection of the light changes the appearance of the carpet. Vacuum cleaning, especially with a mechanical brush or steam cleaning will remedy pile distortion over time. [FAQs]

How should I store carpet tiles?
We recommend storage on pallets. When stored, the boxes should be squarely stacked and the stacking height should not exceed 8 boxes. Cut pile carpet tiles should not be stacked higher than 6 boxes. [FAQs]

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