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PVH - Contract Carpet Tiles, Modular Carpet† and† Vinyl Flooring

Experience since 1879
PVH Carpet Tiles is a long-standing and very experienced manufacturer and exporter of carpet tiles, commercial modular carpet (also refered to as carpet squares) and vinyl flooring. Coming from the Netherlands, the country where the carpet tile was invented, PVH builds upon more than a century of international experience in serving the international contract and project flooring industry.

Broad range of solutions
PVH offers more than 25 complete ranges of carpet tiles - also referred to as tile carpet, modular carpet or carpet squares - in many colour ways to meet any contract application, specification and budget. We offer a broad range of nylon (PA / Polyamide) tufted loop and cut pile carpet tiles,† polypropylene (PP) and PP / PA (mix) carpet tiles as well as needlefelt or fibre bonded carpet tiles. In addition, we expanded our modular know-how into the field of vinyl flooring and now offer Nature Look, a heavy contract vinyl with a unique woven structure.

Conformity to international standards
Using the latest production technologies and well known yarn systems like DuPont, PVH modular carpet conforms to the demanding standards set by the international flooring contract market. Combined with our high quality Mexphalte backing system, PVH flooring solutions meet the international standards for dimensional stability, sound absorption, wear performance, colour fastness, thermal insulation, fire resistance and antistatic properties.

Carpet tile specialisation
Our specialisation in carpet tiles over the years has resulted in a broad range of products that meet the aesthetic demands from the contract market for commercial interior decoration while simultaneously providing superior value in terms of price and quality. Continuously striving to merge functionality, design, aesthetics and cost price, we are able to provide valued solutions to contract flooring requirements. This results in a very low cost of ownership over the life span of PVH carpet tiles. We are known for our creative and cost effective solutions to the international contract flooring industry.

Customer service
With solid manufacturing expertise behind us, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled commitment to customer service. From Almere, Holland, Europe, we effectively serve our world-wide customers with a dedicated team of flooring specialists. Our local presence is guaranteed through our world-wide sales and distribution network consisting of a professional and enthusiastic team of export account managers, agents and distributors who are able to give you all the necessary local advice and support.

For whom is PVHDECOR.COM?
This site is developed to provide information about professional flooring solutions for the contract market. If you are a professional flooring specialist, architect, interior designer, specifier, importer, distributor or agent please find out what we can do for you. We are a professional and reliable partner to serve your contract floor covering requirements for office, commercial, hospitality and recreational areas. We only supply business-to-business through a network of local partners and do not cater directly to consumers. With distribution into 70 international markets ranging from the Far East, Middle East, South America and Europe and numerous projects and installations completed our track record shows:


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