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Benefits of PVH Carpet Tiles and Nature Look Woven Vinyl Flooring

Creative solutions
 Broad selection of carpet tiles: a solution for every budget and application.
 Unlimited creative freedom in design with aesthetic yet highly functional PVH carpet tiles.

Superior value
 PVH carpet tiles provide superior value to end-users and have a low cost of ownership over the life span.

Technology and quality
 Superior joints due to state of the art carpet tile cutting technology.
 Well known and proven quality yarn systems.
 Anti-static properties and good wear performance.
 Excellent dimensional stability.
 Conformity to international test standards.

Advantages of the PVH Mexphalte backing system
 Environmental friendly due to the recyclable properties of Mexphalte, a mixture of limestone and bitumen. Mexphalte is the responsible choice for a better environment.
 High sound absorption.
 High dimensional stability.
 Suitable for all climatic conditions.

Installation and maintenance
 Easy and quick installation.
 No need for underlay, providing the floor is level.
 Easy to clean, transport and stock.
 Reduction of waste carpet compared to broadloom carpet.
 Suitable for raised floors, access floor systems and computer floors.
 The PVH 80-20 rule: 20% of your carpet receives 80% of the wear. By tile rotation or selective replacement you can prolong the life span of PVH carpet tiles significantly.

Different sizes
 Beside the standard 500 mm x 500 mm carpet tiles PVH can also supply different sizes like 600 mm x 600 mm for raised floors or 1000 mm x 1000 mm.

Product warranties
 All PVH carpet tiles are warranted for manufacturing defects. For more details on the warranty consult the product specifications.

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